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Driven by the motto “We design your dream.“, we accept the challenges given to us by each of our clients interested in architecture or interior design projects. We accept and embrace the fact that each person that decides to work with us is unique, special in their way, with different experiences and different expectations. This is what drives us each day to constantly improve our services, to be constantly focused on delivering the maximum potential for each of the projects we are devoted to.


W e d e s i g n y o u r d r e a m .

This is our story

Since 2014, AIO is the result of an association between Ioana Lazanu and Marius Blaga. Ioana was already an architect with experience at that time and, at the moment, she is one of the top female architects in Romania, considering her portfolio, the quality she delivers, and also her age. Marius is a passionate and dedicated interior designer, with a lot of experience on premium projects, in terms of concept and implementation, as a result of his work as a project manager for several years in a well known Romanian luxury furniture company.
Because of the high demand for our services, both in architecture and interior design, we have constantly expanded our team with young and talented architects that in a short period of time, were able to embrace our personal values: devotion to the projects, continuous pursuit of perfection in all our projects, while aiming to deliver what we agreed and promised to our clients.

Our office is based in Cluj-Napoca, in the middle of Romania, one of the top 3 cities in Romania in terms of expansion rate and the high expectations regarding the quality and general aspects of the projects in architecture and interior design, both in public and private areas.

Meet our Super Team

We are the perfect mix of creative, strategic, and technical talents. We are fully committed to designing your dream.

AIO Team is composed of 6 full-time employees: 5 architects and 1 interior designer. We also collaborate with 3 freelancer talented architects that are specialized in 3D rendering.

Ioana Lazanu

Managing partner / Architect / Senior Interior Designer

Marius Blaga

Managing partner / Senior Interior designer

Andreea Mirisan

Architect / Junior Interior Designer

Maria Voicu

Architect / Junior Interior Designer

Nicoleta Ianuli


Vlad Mois


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Architect / Interior Designer