We approach the latest trends in the industry with originality and implement them down to the smallest detail so that everything is just as you imagined.

We design your dream. Architecture & Interior Design studio – Cluj-Napoca


Vlad Mois

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Vlad Mois


“I really enjoy interacting with people around me, understanding their needs, and come up with ideas which highlight what they desire. My ultimate goal is to show everyone that through architecture and design, we can achieve the life we dream of. As we say – WE DESIGN YOUR DREAM.”


2014 – 2019  Liceul de Arte Vizuale “Romulus Ladea”, secția Arhitectură & Design, Cluj-Napoca

2019 – present • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism



2020 – 2021 • manager/trainer pe partea de educatie financiară și investiții în piețele financiare – Profit Point

2021 – 2022 • real estate agent – Nest Imobiliare

March 2023 – Present • AIO