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Marius Blaga

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Marius Blaga

Managing Partner / Senior Interior Designer


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After 4 years and dozens of projects carried out within a prestigious company in the field of luxury furniture, Marius decided to join AIO in 2015 to offer a complete experience to customers.

Marius is convinced that buying a beautiful piece of furniture from a store/showroom is not enough and nowadays anyone should be aware that the work of an interior designer cannot be substituted.

“Customers generally have the impression that if they buy a beautiful piece of furniture or a lamp that catches their eye in the showroom or catalog, the effect will be the same when they put it in their home, office, or restaurant.

This happens in very few cases because the context where it should fit is not the right one, and in order to avoid this unpleasant situation the interior designer intervenes.

The material, color, texture, shape, and size are details that characterize every object around us. Whether it is parquet, stone, fabrics, the material from which the furniture is made, all these must be in a harmony that will delight us visually, tactile, and be useful at the same time.

Thanks to the experience gained in hundreds of projects carried out so far, I have come to feel the things that fit best, depending on the position in space, the orientation towards the sun, and to empathize with the people who will enjoy every day the space we designed.

This way, in addition to creating an interior design project, we generate feelings and good vibes.”