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Interior design – Columna Residence headquarters

  /    /  Interior design – Columna Residence headquarters

The story of this project began in 2020 and ended later this year. The proposed concept started from the idea of ​​creating an elegant space and a pleasant working environment, which also conveys the professionalism of the beneficiaries.

Thus, the arrangement combines famous pieces of furniture from Italian manufacturers using carefully selected materials, such as nubuck leather, velvet and custom objects made by Romanian artisans. The chromatics are given by the warm shades of the elm and oak veneer used for cladding the walls and fronts of the furniture, which give the feeling of a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The wood texture has been carefully combined with solid brass profiles and natural stone slabs with different textures and shades, this being also found in the background of the pieces of furniture offering a unity of spaces and a note of originality.

Within this project, unique objects were conceived. Discussion table with stone countertop, which turns vertically with a rifled foot of the same material and an oval element made of solid brass. The self-supporting metal structure in the office room as well as the reception area with elements covered in brass foil are objects that were thought out in the small details by the AIO team. The proposed design managed to give the space the right ergonomics for carrying out user activities by adding a note of originality and refinement.